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Enhancing Landscapes

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Cambridge Tree Care

Welcome to Cambridge Tree Care, your trusted partner in Topeka since 1981. Owner, Scott Sterling is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the landscape industry and a horticulturist degree from Kansas State University. He is committed to providing exceptional tree and shrub care services in our community. Whether you need pruning, tree health assessments, pest and disease management, planting, mulching or more, Scott is dedicated to meeting your arboricultural needs. With a passion for preserving the beauty of nature, he looks forward to serving you and ensuring the well-being of your trees and landscape investments.

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  • Enhances tree and shrub growth and health with nutrient-rich formulas
  • Feeding programs to suit your tree and shrub species

Stump Grinding

  • Mechanical removal of tree stumps to improve landscape aesthetics
  • Removal of entire stump to allow for proper soil depth for future planting


  • Promotes healthy growth and shapes trees and shrubs for visual appeal
  • Prevents potential hazards by removing weak or dead limbs
  • Use of proper cuts to promote healing of wounds

Pest and Disease Maintenance

  • Protects trees from harmful pests and diseases using EPA-regulated treatments
  • Regular inspections and treatments to maintain tree health

Small/Medium Tree Removal

  • Safe and controlled removal of trees (not exceeding the height of 35 ft.) to clear space or prevent damage
  • Debris cleanup and removal

Tree and Shrub


  • Consultation on proper plant selection
  • Landscape enhancement design
  • Installation of trees and shrubs to enhance your landscape



We've used Cambridge Tree Care for over 20 years. Scott seamlessly took over ownership with the same exceptional services. He is our go-to tree expert and willing to help with honest recommendations.


Scott is great. Trees are staying healthy.

Crest Drive HOA

Scott did a beautiful job. The whole block looks wonderful!


Cambridge Tree Care in Topeka did a fine job for me this spring. He gave me an estimate for a smaller job. Scott came within 30 days, called before he came, and did the work for the specified price. He trimmed up the tree very nicely, hauled off all the debris, and even cleaned up the smaller twigs. I highly recommend Cambridge Tree Care!

Crabapple Trees

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Cambridge is a Topeka-based tree care company providing a range of services to homeowners. Scott prides himself on ethical treatment of customers and providing high-quality plant care services. He does what’s best for each tree or shrub and preserving its beauty whenever possible. Give us a call or send us an email. Look forward to caring for your plants!

Maintaining Trees, Enhancing Landscapes

Professional tree and shrub care, proudly providing “Old Fashioned” service for the Topeka area

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Topeka, Kansas

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